[ubuntu-uk] Wirelessly exchanging files

Thomas Ibbotson thomas.ibbotson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 11:31:06 BST 2008

Bruce Beardall wrote:
> Hi All
> A friend and myself at work are looking to exchange files between our 
> two laptops wirelessly. Security concerns at work mean we can't 
> necessarily use the network and it would be a bit laborious to use 
> burn discs and pass them back and forth constantly. He's using Vista 
> and I'm running Hardy. Wireless on both laptops works fine but it's 
> not something I've done before. 
> Any suggestions on how I should go about it?
If I understand correctly you probably want to set up an ad-hoc network, 
information on doing this can be found here:


I tried to do this at home once, it didn't work and I never worked out 
why. Apparently only some wifi cards support creating ad-hoc networks.


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