[ubuntu-uk] gracenote

Tim Dobson personalwebsite at army.com
Tue Sep 9 00:01:52 BST 2008

Farran wrote:
> can gracenote be connected to rhythmbox to download track info in any 
> way? 

I don't have too much experience with rythmbox, but in my experiences 
with amarok have been pretty good.

> the one it uses at the moment doesn't always return the right info, 
> and there isn't much there anyway.
do you know which one this is?

  I'd like the whole ID3 tag filled in,
> not just the basic stuff :/ Sorry, I'm awkward  <- (is that spelt right?)
Spell check says yes :)

> ===============================
> Farran Lee
> I'm only 15 :-P

Welcome to the list!
I'm in sixth form :)
You may be interested in this: http://dfey.freedomdreams.co.uk

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