[ubuntu-uk] Open source replacement for Adobe Flash

DarkOtter hello at darkotter.com
Mon Sep 8 23:26:40 BST 2008

> You could also install XP inside Virtual Box, running inside Ubuntu -
> saves having to mess about with partitions etc.

I would second for virtualbox. I have a virtualbox virtual machine with TinyXP
installed inside it which I use for running programs which won't run on linux,
and I've never had any problems. You probably need about 5GB of disk space, I
guess this is not too bad for you.

I think this might be the best option, as depending on how advanced the usage of
flash will be, it might require features that might not be available in the OSS
clones, given that flash is a propreitory format. Plus, working with the same
app should mean that he'll be able to open the files at school.

I'm not very familiar with wine though, it may be that the app in question runs
well under wine, in which case this may be a better option. PErsonally I prefer
to keep the windows bit isolated.

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