[ubuntu-uk] Open source replacement for Adobe Flash

Dianne Reuby pramclub at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 20:29:27 BST 2008

My son's just started college, and one of the programs he'll be using is
Macromedia (Adobe) flash.

Neither of us want to waste disk space on putting XP back, so can anyone
recommend an alternative for him to use at home? Ideally he'd like to be
able to work on his files both at college and at home, but is there an
open source program that will create/edit files that Flash will accept?
I'm using Ubuntu 8.04

Some I've seen in Synaptic:

Whether these are what he needs I don't know - I know nothing about
Flash! I've been reading up on the Adobe site, but it's all greek to
me. :(

Don't know if he'll survive this course - it's only day one, and he's
already roared with laughter when his tutors XP crashed, and suggested
he switched to Linux. :)


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