[ubuntu-uk] Earphones

DarkOtter hello at darkotter.com
Mon Sep 8 18:44:21 BST 2008

> I had a look at Amazon for the pmx but they're not in-ear type of
> earphones that I'm after. 

Ah, sorry, missed that bit, but I thought I did say they were the neckband type.
Anyway, sorry to go off topic then, I hadn't realised that. Can't say I notice
any sort of adverse sound quality in the sennheisers I've got, they've got the
best sound quality of any headphones I've had before, and I've heard that of the
ones I've got, and the headband version (px100 I think) just about everywhere
(including amazon). As I say, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure mine don't have
the interference you mentioned.

Regarding the headphones you sent a link for, people seem to have said the same
things about them as they did on mine in the customer reviews. Do watch out for
counterfeits, although you should be safe with amazon. They seem to have the
same sound technology as my headphones, so they should be good on that score. I
would pay attention to the guy who mentions eating/excercising with them on,
although I would imagin this is true of all in-ear headphones (personally I
really don't like using in-ears).

Sorry to suggest something you weren't looking for,
|\/| _._|__|_ 
|  |(_| |_ |_ 

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