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Bruce Beardall bruce72 at gmail.com
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You're right, Philip, the real issues were actually few in number but my
real objection is the way Linux is portrayed in articles such as this by the
BBC. It seems to me the BBC are more concerned with looking cool in
presenting it's insightful articles investigating such "official" entities
as Microsoft and Apple while dismissing Linux as something for hippies and
geeks. It fails to address that the open source model is addressing some
very real issues in business and industry where flexibility and not being
tied into a single vendor are becoming increasingly important. It also fails
to address the fact that business models have to change and evolve to
prevent stagnation in commerce. There's no doubt that some things need to
change in Linux but I would also submit that much of this is simply due to
the inherent differences rather than any real shortcomings. We all know that
an up to date, working Linux system can do just about anything Windows or
Mac OSX can do. In my opinion, the BBC just barely scrapes ahead of tabloids
when it comes to journalistic integrity and given the nature of how the BBC
is funded, that's entirely unacceptable.

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 9:38 AM, Philip Newborough <
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> Disregarding any debatable elements of the article, I think it was a
> _fairly_ positive review from an obvious Linux novice. Do not get me
> wrong, I am all for supporting Ubuntu and Linux, however; let's face
> it, it isn't perfect, and articles such as this go a long way to
> providing insight into where any potential problems can be found.
> As I understand it, the only real issues the author had were with the
> machines networking and with its incompatibility with Apple's iPod.
> That's not too bad is it?
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