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Stephen O'Neill squid at thefloatingfrog.co.uk
Thu Sep 4 09:12:30 BST 2008

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Sean Miller wrote:
> It actually annoys me when people misrepresent the situation so -
> installing from a terminal only happens in exceptional circumstances
> these days.

The BBC shouldn't be advocates, but should sit on the fence. Examples
like this and the scrolling bootup text aren't really sitting on the fence.

I did empathise with his line about knowledge being a barrier to entry,
hopefully that will be addressed naturally over time as the product matures.

It would be nice to see an alternative series of "it's hard to do"
articles - there are lots of things I find hard in Ubuntu, but there are
lots of things I find hard in Windows too which don't get airplay.

He noted how he wanted itunes-esque integration, well my g/f bought an
ipod thing at the weekend and I found iTunes to be largely non-intuitive
to use - certainly not the experience which the hype and his comments
would have had me believe.

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