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Stephen O'Neill wrote:
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7594249.stm
> (sorry if this has already been posted)

I should have included contentious excerpts for those with things to do.

"Ubuntu's own website isn't much help either. It suggests that with this
particular machine it can sometimes help to whip out the battery, give
it a couple of minutes, whack it back in, plug in an ethernet cable and
get on line first that way. Nada. "


"It's probably worth mentioning one other important point about Linux
here. It's a text-based operating system, which means that a fair few of
the things you may want to tell your computer to do - installing certain
new software, for example - requires you to open up a "terminal window"
and actually type text into the little window.

It's a bit like the way all hackers in Hollywood movies furiously crash
out lines of incomprehensible text on their laptops when they're trying
to bust into the Pentagon's defence network.

As someone used solely to double-clicking on pretty pictures to do most
anything on a computer this is pretty hairy stuff. "

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