[ubuntu-uk] WTB: Ubuntu Laptop

John Atkinson john at johnatkinson.org.uk
Wed Sep 3 14:34:36 BST 2008

I actually have just bought a dell xps M1530 laptop and did a screen upgrade
to the wxga and i think it is worth every penny extra.


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On Wed, 2008-09-03 at 12:40 +0100, Angelos Chatzikostas wrote:
>         It actually is a shame you have to pay for 3 years of extra
>         warranty. In
>         Europe the minimum warranty from the manufacturer is 2 years
>         and not the
>         12 months we get. We want two years warranty!
> I thought UK is part of EU .. :)
> Well according to EU laws anyone who sells equipment in EU must offer
> 2 years warranty..

The UK kinda didn't bother with that EU directive and we get stuffed with 12
months. :-( This is something I will be bringing up with my local MP the
next time I see him because is really is annoying.



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