[ubuntu-uk] Google Chrome

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Mon Sep 1 22:53:03 BST 2008

Philip Wyett wrote:

> With the size of the Google PR machine, a cute way of introducing a new
> product was no real surprise.
> What is really beginning to worry me is that there is too much choice of
> applications in the Open Source world. Instead of working to make what
> we have better and bite into bug #1 and give users a base set of
> applications they can get comfortable with and trust, we are going to
> leave maybe switchers to Linux with the mass confusion of which
> application is best and sticking with Windows.

Well, Chrome is being beta'd for windows first, where it will add to the 
choice of Firefox, Safari and Opera (never mind a host of smaller 
projects), so choice is not restricted to the FLOSS world.

I can't see any way of 'herding cats' and concentrating everyone on a 
base set of applications, or a single distro for that matter. I don't 
think it would be desirable either; a lot of good comes out of people 
trying new ideas (as long as these ideas can be shared, taken and 
improved, as we do in the free software world).

As long as Ubuntu keeps its focus, I'll be happy with it (even though I 
dislike some of the software choices).

My tuppence ha'penny,


John Levin

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