[ubuntu-uk] Google Chrome

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Mon Sep 1 21:44:39 BST 2008

> What is really beginning to worry me is that there is too much choice of
> applications in the Open Source world. Instead of working to make what
> we have better and bite into bug #1 and give users a base set of
> applications they can get comfortable with and trust, we are going to
> leave maybe switchers to Linux with the mass confusion of which
> application is best and sticking with Windows.
Yes, we seem to be slipping back into the bad old days...
I remember one of my first Linux installs, a paid for box set of an 
early Suse release.
5 different word processors, 6 calculators, 4 browsers, 7 text editors, 
etc, etc...

It was all stupidly confusing... It was one of the first things that 
struck me about Breezy...
Oh look - only one browser, only one word processor, only one editor, 
only one etc etc... How very sensible...

Now, Firefox, Epiphany, Midori, Amaya, Dillo, Galeon, SeaMonkey and even 
Links/Lynx and W3M... And now Chrome...
not to mention all the backend stuff like 

Makes you wonder how much could be achieved in just the browser arena, 
if all that effort all pulled in the same direction.... Argh...

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