[ubuntu-uk] keyboards

Adam Bagnall bagnaj97 at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 1 21:19:28 BST 2008

Farran wrote:
> hi all :D
> has anyone got any suggestions for a new keyboard? I've got a 
> horrendously old one, and i'm looking to replace it. i know a lot of 
> shortcut buttons, for example, don't always work, and i don't know 
> which keyboards are good anyway, so i was wondering if anybody could 
> help me?
> I stumbled across Cherry a while ago with their Linux keyboard. having 
> a little difficulty finding the page where they sell it, but i've seen 
> a couple of pages where people said they were having trouble with it. 
> is it any good?
> Thanks
> ===============================
> Farran Lee
> I'm only 15 :-P
I'm currently using a Saitek Eclipse II which is backlit so ideal if
you're into gaming. The media buttons also work out of the box in Ubuntu
and I find it pretty good for typing, but as others have said that's
largely a matter of personal preference.


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