[ubuntu-uk] Free CrossOver Office

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Wed Oct 29 02:12:44 GMT 2008

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace wrote:
> Quoting Matthew Macdonald-Wallace <matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk>:
>> Done.
>> I got both versions (I'm greedy) but I don't know the difference of
>> even if I can install them side-by-side.
> I just tried, you can - install them as a local use and CXOffice goes  
> into ~/cxoffice and the gaming one goes into ~/cxgames.
> Works a treat.
> M.

Thanks to all those who posted the link, etc. Although I already use 
CrossOver Office Standard 7.0.2 which I bought a few weeks or months 
ago, it will be nice to try out the Pro and Games versions some time, 
although I rarely play games, but still nice to have the opportunity to 
do so on Linux to make Windows using friends jealous.

David King

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