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2008/10/22 norman <norman at littletank.org>

> My brother, who uses XP on a desktop and Vista on a laptop, has started
> to ask questions about Ubuntu. Then, today, he sent me this:-
> http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/10/14/microsoft-announces-1.html
> In return I sent him a CD with Ubuntu 8.04.1 and he has agreed to try
> it. However, is Windows 7 a joke or what?
> Norman
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Windows 7 is not a joke. However, I think that website is definately a joke

"Windows 7 Business, Small Business and Windows 7 Big Business

Enterpriese need not worry about what sort of Windows to buy: after all,
you've been locked in to it for 20 years already and you're not going
anywhere. Windows 7 Big Business, compulsory for corporations with more than
5 employees, costs only $999 per seat per year and automatically detects
attempts to research Linux TCO, reaching in to the brain and destroying
offending neural linkages."

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