[ubuntu-uk] Dbus problems

martin castle marshcast at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 14 20:04:49 BST 2008

apologies for my absence (and for my email address link), I thought I'd
worked around this problem by using 'dbus-launch hp-toolbox' to install a
printer, but no joy - now ( a few days later) I'm back to square one, but
without the ability to get it working again.

I'm interested to know (but can't understand at all really) not only if this
bug fix can be applied to ubuntu, but also how to apply it :/, I'm not quite
sure I can make sense of what they're saying.


same applies really to this one:


it all seems a bit involved, but gives no details other than that it is

My info started coming from here because it's the only thing I could find
that related to dbus.

My details of what's going on for me are here (as a launchpad bug). I had no
replies (not sure if I upset them - maybe too much info :(.

Still - the problem:


I'm struggling with this, so hope someone can help. Thanks for your time
already if you've read this far, and hope this isn't too wordy to be useful,

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