[ubuntu-uk] flash still doesnt work, when try to play flash stuff inside FF2 and FF3

Farran fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com
Sun Oct 5 18:17:00 BST 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 09:10 +0100, Andrew Oakley wrote:

> On 27/09/2008, ptaylor <scraliontis at gmail.com> wrote:
> > when i clicked to play it, ff2 and ff3 died, so i decided to start them
> Consider: http://tinyurl.com/3rwvdu
> In short, install nspluginwrapper, libflashsupport and re-install
> flashplugin-nonfree (apt-get remove --purge then install again).
> This fixed flash plugin related browser crashes in FF3+U8.04 on my
> i386 system. Dunno whether it will help with x86.
> -- 
> Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com

hi Philip
don't know if this has changed to a new thread or anything - just
catching up on 1068 ubuntu-uk emails!
Um i am using an incredibly crap pc at the mo when it comes to flash and
videos and internet and streaming, but I have FF2.0.0.16 (actually
iceweasel) on Debian with Flash 10 beta and the video is working. Played
beyond 1 minute and I've got smooth sound. Have a go with Flash 10 if
you haven't got it sorted yet. there's guides somewhere on how to get it
installed. make sure flash 9 is completely gone as well as the plugin
wrapper (unless you're on 64 bit, then it gets mighty complicated) and
then just copy the plugin into the right folder.
Hope that made sense!
btw i went to scifi.dragonfly.com/renegade/stogamst448 instead of
stogamst443 cos it said it couldn't find 443 :S

Farran Lee
I'm only 15 :-P (16 in 13 days)
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