[ubuntu-uk] Hardware failure?

Seif Attar iam at seifattar.net
Thu Oct 2 14:46:57 BST 2008

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The rams are  not the cause of the freeze, as it froze with each of
them separately.

Rob, I dont know why, for some reason I assumed that there is no
warranty on the thing, I contacted the seller, my warranty runs out in
november! and he told me I can either send the whole pc to him, or
just the motherboard and cpu if I am sure it's one of them that is
faulty (which I will be after testing the PSU). so at least I know I
won't be paying for a new cpu or motherboard if they are broken.

Ian, I am borrowing the PSU from a friend (and finally i have it in
hand), not buying until I know that it's the problem. thanks for
mentioning the protection, I have ordered one today, APC Line-R 600VA
Line Conditioner, even if it's not the cause of the problem it's a
good thing to have, will connect my hifi to it as well, should be good!

Will install PSU today, and see if there are any changes.

As I mentioned earlier, I was annoyed by how loud my GPU fan is, and
decided to go for a passively cooled one. I got an ATI because as i
recall AMD have opened their drivers and I thought they are working
great. I can't get Xv to work on the video card, there are some
reports of success on the net, but I've had enough fiddling around,
I'll return it and just buy a vga cooler for my nvidia card. but AMD
should be ashamed that they still haven't sorted out their drivers!

Thanks again,
Seif A.

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