[ubuntu-uk] Mythbuntu crashes with Nvidia driver

Dave Morley davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk
Thu Oct 2 13:35:49 BST 2008

On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 13:07 +0100, Ken Robson wrote:
> Steve asked: The restricted nvidia driver crashes, X crashes or the kernel oopses?
> The whole machine freezes, no keyboard no mouse etc, power cycle only way to recover.
> Michael suggested trying Envy..
> Will give it a go over the w/e.
> Dave asked: What version of mythbuntu?
> the version that came with Linux Format mag this month.
> This was a clean install, I answered install the nvidia driver to the restricted driver question, and it crashed on boot. Booted again from the cd and deleted the xorg.conf and it booted ok. Then used the restricted driver option to install the nvidia driver and it hung on startup when trying to load X.
> Ken
Ken try the beta of intrepid there are a load of fixes in it and it's a
more up-to-date version of mythtv.  The release should happen sometime
today so you can get it tomorrow
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