[ubuntu-uk] Hardware failure?

Seif Attar iam at seifattar.net
Wed Oct 1 11:31:39 BST 2008

me again, it crashed, so it's not the graphics card, and the noapic
didn't fix it, the last crash happened while I was installing stuff with
synaptic, nothing in the logs.

After the crash I pressed the reset button, and then it froze while the
grub menu was showing, restarted, it froze after I selected an entry
from the grub and the text "Starting Up" was showing and nothing
happened, in the past I had to completely turn off the pc and unplug it
from electricity in order to have it boot normally again  (this weird
freeze on reboot after crash doesn't always happen, could be that I only
notice it when I am working on the machine when the crash occurs, maybe
when it happens while I am away, whatever overheated has cooled down, or
whatever capacitor had gone fubar had released it's electricity? cpu
temp was 55c after the crash), so yesterday I removed the first RAM,
tried to boot it, it froze again, then I removed the second ram and it
booted normally, so I am now testing it with only 1 piece of ram, if it
still crashes, I'll try the PSU, but my friend keeps forgetting to bring
it! maybe tomorrow. Another thing I noticed yesterday, is that after I
force the computer to shutdown (holding the power button), the num lock
indicator on my keyboard is still on, even though the computer is
shutdown. Checked the bios setting to make sure I haven't enabled
key-press power on, and it's not enabled.

Sorry for posting so much about this, I realise this is not Ubuntu
related any more (probably and hopefully), but I have no where to go,
and I imagine that if I take it to a hardware specialist that he will
want an OS that he is more comfortable with.

Seif A.

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