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Matt Jones matt at mattjones.me.uk
Sun Nov 30 20:47:56 GMT 2008

I doubt that the current CPU will work in a multi CPU system, the multi
processors were the MP versions. The best option would probably be to buy a
new board and new processor. You would probably see a jump in performance by
updating to either an Athlon X2 system, with socket AM2, or a celeron dual
core or pentium dual core. You would have to get new ram, but DDR2 can be
picked up for £10 for a gig stick.

If you wanted a dual processor system, I have a precision 470 that I bought
for £140 a couple of months ago, with 2*2.8 ghz xeons, and a gig of ram.
This absolutely flies with 64 bit ubuntu. I wouldn't go for an older model
than this, as the older models didn't have DDR2 of PCI express.

Probably not the answer that you were looking for, but it may be a
significant increase in performance and longegivity.

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 8:19 PM, Ian Pascoe
<softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com>wrote:

> Hi all
> Somewhat OT, but I'm hoping someone here can help.
> My Desktop MB is on the way out, intermittent strange behaviour, and it
> being some 8 years old and well used, I'm not really that surprised.
> Now, as I hate wasting money I thought I'd get myself a new MB that would
> handle the current CPU, AND 1.6 GHz, and memory, but thought about going
> for
> a dual socket CPU board instead, and buy another CPU to boost performance.
> I realise that the make and clock speed of the CPU has to be the same, but
> does it have to be from the same family of CPU's?  The PSU, at 350w, should
> be more than capable as the only other large power draw, the graphics
> system, is, by today's standards, fairly medioca, but it suits.
> I should add that I'm not going to attempt this upgrade, but am going to
> let
> the local computer shop that originally built it, do it, but I wanted to do
> some research first so that I didn't get blinded by the sales pitch, or
> tech
> talk.
> Cheers
> Ian
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