[ubuntu-uk] First time user I still have a dual

Ciaran Mooney general.mooney at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 29 16:51:13 GMT 2008


The 3 different versions of Ubuntu are probably something like :

Ubuntu - Recovery Mode
Ubuntu - Memtest86+

These are all perfectly normal. Recovery mode is the equivalent of
Safe Mode on Windows, and memtest86+ is a diagnostic bootup for
testing your RAM.

Just choose the default Ubuntu, and you'll be fine. You'll find in the
future that kernel updates will be installed, these will give you
another option in the Grub boot menu. Choose the newest kernel
(highest number) and you'll be running the updated system. If for some
reason there is a problem and you cannot boot the old kernel, the
option is there for you to return to the old one.

You can get rid of the options, but if it aint't broke.....

Hope this helps,


ps. You emailed me directly, did you mean to email the Ubuntu-UK
mailing list? Or do I know you and I have forgotten??! I've copied
Ubuntu-UK in so it gets posted to much more knowledgeable people than

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