[ubuntu-uk] Funambol Windows Pocket PC Client

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 20:12:36 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

Might be a long shot this but I thought I'd ask anyway...

I'm in the process of moving a local company from Office/Outlook/Outlook 
Express to OpenOffice.org & Thunderbird with a central server running 
SME Server (can't remember if I posted about it before, I'm still 
finishing off the loose ends).

Now I've got Thunderbird & Lightning working and talking to eGroupware 
perfectly so it will sync Calendars and Contacts but the MD has got a 
HTC Touch phone which runs Windows Mobile.

Now I managed to configure her mail fine, this works rather well but she 
also wants to be able to sync her calendar too.

Now I found that Funambol have a Windows Mobile client for such a thing 
although I can't seem to get it to connect.  I have a feeling it's 
possibly to do with the self signed certificate on the server.

I wondered if anyone has any experience of the Funambol client on a 
Windows Mobile phone at all and if it is possible to ignore the 
certificate error at all?  (I seem to have got it to ignore the error on 
both Outlook and Thunderbird).

This is the final thing that is keeping them on Windows.  Once I crack 
this I'll be able to then suggest moving from the mixture of Windows XP 
Home and Windows XP Pro to Ubuntu Hardy.



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