[ubuntu-uk] Outlook pst to evolution

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 18:06:17 GMT 2008

Rob Beard wrote:
> I'd suggest also giving Outport a try, you haven't got much to loose.
> If all else fails, depending on which version of Outlook it is, you 
> could try running it under either Wine or CrossOver Office.

Just wanted to give a bit of feedback on Outport.  I had a play with it 
today (I'm currently transferring a company from a mixture of Outlook 
2003 and Outlook Express to SME Server with Thunderbird clients via IMAP.

I found that Thunderbird would happily transfer mail and contacts from 
Outlook without any problems but it wouldn't budge when trying to 
convert Calender & Task items to Thunderbird with the Lightning Add-On 
or Sunbird.

So after much messing around I tried Outpost.  It worked straight away 
and converted the Calender items into individual iCal files (not ideal 
but it certainly saves re-entering two years worth of Calender items). 
It also has the option to export to Evolution files too so hopefully it 
would do what you need to transfer from Outlook to Evolution.


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