[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Posters

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Nov 14 22:26:21 GMT 2008

Dave Walker wrote:
> Alan Pope wrote:
>> I quite like the idea of a bumper sticker. I have a debian one on my
>> car at the moment, but it's been on there a few years. Time for an
>> "upgrade".
>> Cheers,
>> Al.
> I think this is a superb idea.. However, the same question that keeps
> raising it's head when this is discussed - Should they be sold for
> "cost", or a slight mark-up.  If so, what happens with the money?

I really like the idea of bumper stickers!
Bumper stickers of any reasonable quality - with some water and UV 
resistance - are not particularly cheap. I have modified oval stickers 
for my bumpers, and they are still fading. In fact the standard gloss 
paper Ubuntu Sticker is surprisingly good if you dont mind keeping an 
occasional eye on it for replacement.
alan cocks
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