[ubuntu-uk] EeePC 900A vs Acer Aspire One

Adam Bagnall bagnaj97 at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 14 17:57:48 GMT 2008

Eddie Armstrong wrote:
> Adam Bagnall wrote:
>> Providing you've got enough memory they it should be fine multitasking. 
>> My aspire (with 1gb ram) can play 720p video without dropping frames 
>> with firefox and amarok in the background so the CPU isn't too shabby. 
>> It also handles all the 3d compiz effects and ioquake3 pretty well.
> Sounds interesting - thanks for the info
> I don't expect too much (especially from the built-in speakers) but 
> what's the sound like via phones or external speakers?
> Eddie
I was pleasantly surprised by the speakers considering the size of the 
laptop, although they're not good in the grand scheme of things. I 
haven't tested it with headphones or external speakers yet.

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