[ubuntu-uk] Windows Free Laptops

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 16:25:35 GMT 2008

Adam Bagnall wrote:

> If you're thinking of getting the aspire one I'd definitely save the 
> extra for the normal HDD version. I'm all for solid state, even if it's 
> only 8gb, but the ssd in my aspire one is painfully slow. Even doing 
> fairly trivial things sometimes causes the ssd activity light to just 
> stay on solidly and the laptop freezes for a few seconds (and it's not 
> swapping. 0k swap used). Updates on it are a nightmare because they take 
> so long and pretty much render it unusable until they're complete.
> Adam

Ahh that's not good.  I wouldn't really be able to afford a 
bigger/quicker SSD, so I guess I'd have to go down the hard drive route 
afterall (or buy an additional hard drive to put in afterwards and turn 
the 8GB SSD into a big USB drive).


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