[ubuntu-uk] EeePC 900A vs Acer Aspire One

Adam Bagnall bagnaj97 at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 14 16:23:17 GMT 2008

Providing you've got enough memory they it should be fine multitasking. 
My aspire (with 1gb ram) can play 720p video without dropping frames 
with firefox and amarok in the background so the CPU isn't too shabby. 
It also handles all the 3d compiz effects and ioquake3 pretty well.

Eddie Armstrong wrote:
> Matt Jones wrote:
>>     I do not have anything that i do not need
> Can you run things like Aptana (eclipse  platform) for web dev, python  
> gimp and Amarok on these?
> It would be quite neat having a pocket programming workhorse that plays 
> my music (flacs).

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