[ubuntu-uk] Windows Free Laptops

Adam Bagnall bagnaj97 at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 14 11:17:54 GMT 2008

Rob Beard wrote:
> Dale Clarke wrote:
>> The Problem is that Tesco tried to get on the Acer Aspire One Linux 
>> bandwagon selling it at £170, but have had huge returns (see Acer Forum) 
>> as people have not liked the linux frontend. This in my opinion will 
>> leave a sour taste in Tesco's mind towards Linux and can be put squarely 
>> in Acer's backyard as they do not provide enough information about the 
>> product and have done it with a very beta type setup.
>>     /After writing the above I thought I would ring our local Tesco this
>>     morning to check and their response was that they have sold all
>>     theirs within 1 days last Monday and have had no returns, so maybe
>>     sold to Linux user's, but the person said that as like Argos they
>>     cannot provide software or hardware support so just do refunds,
>>     slightly different if you went to PC World etc.../
> That's a bit disappointing.  I can't help but think that some people buy 
> these things because they're cheap and see having a laptop as being 
> cool.  I know a few people who have no use for a laptop and bought the 
> cheapest laptop possible when they could have bought a much better spec 
> desktop for the same money.  Then there's also the problem that lots of 
> people perceive computer = Windows.
>> Microsoft were clever in not providing any CD based software due to the 
>> amount of people asking for refunds, as they did not want the Oem. 
>> Especially with early Vista users and customers returning to XP, now you 
>> cannot get a refund as you cannot prove you have not run the software.
> Yep, plus there's the fact that if a hard disk dies and the customer 
> doesn't make a set of recovery discs they'd have to fork out for another 
> Windows licence (or badger the manufacturer for discs).  I know someone 
> who's been caught out on this.
>> There should be and always be a refund slip in every computer in which 
>> you can get a refund on the Oem if you do not require it, this way 
>> people would realise that they are paying for the software and that it 
>> does not come free with the computer, as it was found out in a survey in 
>> Computer magazine that people perceived.
> I could see this working as long as the customer was required to 
> Activate Windows.  By default Windows generally comes pre-activated when 
> it's preinstalled.  If however it wasn't activated and the customer had 
> to do this, then the customer could maybe choose not to Activate Windows 
> and request a refund.  Otherwise what's stopping them asking for a 
> refund and continuing to use Windows.
>> I personally now run Ubuntu 8.10 on my One with adjustments and it is 
>> now a great package, especially with SSH now being a standard kernel 
>> addition.
> Cool.  I'm really tempted to pickup an Aspire One.  I'm in the market 
> for a new laptop (my Thinkpad is just getting too old and slow now even 
> with Ubuntu Lite).  Not sure if I should stump up £170 for an Aspire One 
> or pay the extra for a cheap Dual Core laptop.
> Rob
If you're thinking of getting the aspire one I'd definitely save the 
extra for the normal HDD version. I'm all for solid state, even if it's 
only 8gb, but the ssd in my aspire one is painfully slow. Even doing 
fairly trivial things sometimes causes the ssd activity light to just 
stay on solidly and the laptop freezes for a few seconds (and it's not 
swapping. 0k swap used). Updates on it are a nightmare because they take 
so long and pretty much render it unusable until they're complete.


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