[ubuntu-uk] Windows Free Laptops

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Fri Nov 14 10:03:35 GMT 2008

Dale Clarke wrote:
> The Problem is that Tesco tried to get on the Acer Aspire One Linux 
> bandwagon selling it at £170, but have had huge returns (see Acer 
> Forum) as people have not liked the linux frontend. This in my opinion 
> will leave a sour taste in Tesco's mind towards Linux and can be put 
> squarely in Acer's backyard as they do not provide enough information 
> about the product and have done it with a very beta type setup.
Perhaps what is needed here is a tie in with local linux user groups,  
so there is a level of local and free support avaialble to end users,  
companies would not be passing the problems on to us,  as they would 
have to deal with hardware and other issues,  but at least there would 
be a level of local support and access to local users to complement the 
offer and support the supplier offers.


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