[ubuntu-uk] Configuring Virgin cable modem

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 09:32:06 GMT 2008

dianne reuby wrote:
> When I installed Ubuntu two years ago, it picked up my ntl/Virgin cable 
> modem immediately. The modem was using a USB connection.
> Last week the gas company dug up the pavement and managed to break my 
> Virgin cable and, as the Virgin engineers found today, also concrete 
> over the break. While they're waiting for their colleague with the 
> pneumatic drill to visit, they've set up a temporary connection and also 
> given us a new modem as ours was very old. However it only has ethernet 
> connections - this is working fine on my husbands XP, but not on Ubuntu 
> (8.10 installed or 8.04 LiveCD). My ethernet controller is  Realtek 
> RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+


So they have given you a new modem that doesn't have USB?

Do you have a router at all?

If you only have one ethernet connection on the modem and two PC's 
you're going to either have to either stick in another network card in 
your husband's PC and setup internet connection sharing to share the 
connection (which means his PC will have to be on when you use your PC - 
plus you'll need either a crossover cable or switch) or the easiest way 
is to get a cheap cable router.

These would probably do the job for you...

Safecom 4 port Cable router (not wireless though) at £14 ish plus 
delivery - 

MSI Cable router with wireless at about £26 plus delivery - 

You might even be able to find them cheaper than that or your other 
option would to be to complain to Virgin Media that you now can't use 
your internet connection over the two PCs because of the change in 
modem.  They do supply wireless routers to new customers (not sure if 
you have to be on a specific package) so it might be worth complaining 
to see if they'll send one out for free.


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