[ubuntu-uk] Outlook pst to evolution

Michael Holloway michael at thedarkwinter.com
Tue Nov 11 10:49:20 GMT 2008


I am in charge of IT in a small company; and have always allowed users
free choice of OS - which of course has resulted in 95% XP/VISTA and a
couple of Macs, and 0 Linux (outside IT).

Recently (after much moaning about how much their outlook crashes etc) a
couple of people have shown interest in *trying* Ubuntu. I'm quite happy
to Dual boot their machines as application wise: I think Ubuntu will
cover all of there needs.

However; we deal with a lot of email in this company, and some users'
archive.pst files are 5GB+, as well as a couple of gigs on the Exchange
servers (outsourced). Googling a way to import this has only resulted in
importing into mozilla in windows (to mbox), then copying the files
across and importing into Evolution. - Also with warnings about folder
trees and folder names (which is a big problem in our case, no detail
necessary). The other thing I found is a 5 year old project "Outport"
which I doubt we be of any use.

Have any of you had experience with this process? Or know of a good way
to do it (without imap-ing in 2 directions). Additionally, for heavy MS
Office users, any warnings? I use OO happily, but I barely even change

Thanks in advance

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