[ubuntu-uk] How to sync Liferea on two PCs

Narrf stuart.parkington at googlemail.com
Fri May 30 20:35:10 BST 2008


To sync my feeds up between my main laptop, Ubuntu-vmware image on my 
Windows work-supplied laptop and the desktop in my home office (aka back 
of garage! :)) I just rsync my liferea profile to my home/backup server.

I have alias's set so I can 'put' and 'get' as required. Although a bit 
manual, it means I can both backup my feeds/articles and push/pull them 
to which ever machine I'm using at the time.

Below is the alias's from my .bash_alias if it helps:
alias lifeget='/usr/bin/rsync -avz --delete --force -e ssh 
stuart at server:/mnt/backup/stuart/LifereaProfile/ /home/stuart/.liferea_1.4'
alias lifeput='/usr/bin/rsync -avz --delete --force -e ssh 
/home/stuart/.liferea_1.4/ stuart at server:/mnt/backup/stuart/LifereaProfile'

I do basically the same for my thunderbird and firefox profiles also, 
but as well as having aliases for these, I have a bash file which has a 
minimal amount of checking in it, to try and avoid writing the wrong way!

Hope that helps a little.


Mac wrote:
> I have Liferea installed on a laptop and a desktop (both connected to my 
> home LAN).  Currently, I have the same feeds on both.  When reading on 
> one machine, I just click past material I think I've already read on the 
> other.
> But this is getting tiresome now that I have a lot of feeds, and I'd 
> like to be able to sync the two copies of Liferea, so that I see a 
> single version whichever machine I happen to be using.  Sadly, extensive 
> searching on the internet suggests that setting this up is tricky and messy.
> Any of you clever folks found an idiot-proof way of doing this?
> Mac

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