[ubuntu-uk] compiz being silly

annonymouse at vodafone.net annonymouse at vodafone.net
Mon Mar 31 17:01:55 BST 2008

menu panel being silly 

ive got an interesting problem with my ubuntu gutsy box 

im running compiz-fusion and also running kiba, 

all has been good for 3 months but i recently turned of my box for a week, upon turning it on it intermittantly makes the control panel no longer respond by control panel i mean the panel that has my ubuntu menu on it, and my notiifications area on it, if i left click on it it gives me the hand to grab and move the panel around and right click yeaild the panel options, this only does it on window selecter and the notification area however the ubuntu menu (places system etc ) works fine, i have to turn of effect and turn of kiba, log out log back in again set it up and it then works until nxt time it breaks


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