[ubuntu-uk] Persuading a school to switch

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Thu Mar 27 14:51:11 GMT 2008

Alistair Crust wrote:
> options available, and should not be forcing pupils to use any one
> particular vendor.

I really think that is the key - rather than trying to push "Linux" on 
schools, we should be trying to push the whole concept of cross-platform 
computing and open standards.

Although wasting taxpayer's money on Microsoft is bad, it is even worse 
that pupils, particularly those from low income backgrounds, should be 
forced to use Microsoft products at home in order to be compatible with 
those at school. Frankly I think it should be against the law for 
schools or universities to insist on submission of work in any closed 
source format.

OpenOffice, as I've mentioned, is a great place to start. The GIMP is 

Linux Format did a good article on how to cure people of their Microsoft 
addiction a few issues back; one of the main things they recommended, 
was to start by encouraging the use of cross-platform FOSS on existing 
installations of MS Windows, as this would then provide an argument-free 
migration path to Linux, BSD, Mac or whatever.

Andrew Oakley

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