[ubuntu-uk] Persuading a school to switch

Stephen O'Neill squid at thefloatingfrog.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 21:27:49 GMT 2008

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Mac wrote:
| James Grabham wrote:
|>> Its got nothing to do with the school, it will be up to the LEA
|>> unfortunately.
| James >>> I don't think that's right:  schools make their own decisions
| these days.  And there's actually no such thing as Local Education
| Authorities any more (those ceased to exist as legal entities a couple
| of years ago).  So Craig may have some success just in his own school.
| Let's hope so!

LEAs are now known as LAs - Local Authorities, but they're basically the
~ same thing as far as I know.

What seems to be happening more and more is that the LA will assess and
collectively bargain (put out to tender) with companies for provision of
products and services. Schools then have the option to use or not to use
them. However, the schools face problems if they decide not to - lots of
paperwork, political friction with the LA etc etc - so they must really
want to stray from LA policy. Tenders are the wheels of things like BSF
(Building Schools for the Future) projects etc.

And, as others have mentioned, whatever you implement locally will need
to be compatible with the LAs own systems. You may have success in
getting Linux adopted on for the VLE, but then you've got all the
desktops, various other bits of MS encumbered software, admin systems
(SIMS, CMIS etc)...

If your network manager is skillful then she'll be able to get Linux on
the desktops without needing to change the network infrastructure which
will almost certainly comprise of ISA server and Active Directory.

Good luck! The company I work for sells into schools and I am very
frustrated that we sell more and more MS into them all the time.
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