[ubuntu-uk] Capitalising on XP's demise

Dianne Reuby pramclub at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 16:30:35 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-03-25 at 15:44 +0000, Josh Blacker wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> As you may or may not be aware, XP will no longer be sold quite soon -
> you won't be able to buy an XP computer after June, and retail copies
> won't be sold after next January [1], meaning Vista is the 'only' choice
> for new computers.
> This is, I think, something we should try and capitalise on, since there
> has been something of a reaction to Vista that's not quite a backlash
> but certainly apprehension, with negative perceptions in the public eye.

I agree that this is a great opportunity - I switched to Ubuntu 18
months ago, and my reason for switching was simple. My PC is about five
years old, and won't run Vista. I can't afford to get a Vista-ready
machine, especially as I don't need one; I only do fairly basic things
like word-processing, email, browsing, etc.

But I also have 3 teens in education, who expect to be able to use a PC
for college work, and who don't want to go to the library to do it.

I think these are the some of people we should be targeting - people who
can't afford the cutting edge equipment, such as students, pensioners
who want to keep in touch with families, families who have low incomes
but have children in education. Those are the people I hope to reach
with the demo day, as that's the sort of area I live in.

But how to do it is another question ..


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