[ubuntu-uk] Dual boot with Vista

Thomas Ibbotson thomas.ibbotson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 12:24:15 GMT 2008

Sean Miller wrote:
> Folks,
> I've just got a new laptop, bright and shiny with loads of memory and 
> gratuitous amounts of hard disk space...
> It runs Vista, every rose has its thorns...
> What's the latest on dual boot issues?  Are there any?  Am I likely to 
> cause issues with Vista if I go for a default Ubuntu install, or not?
> Any advice/experience much appreciated.
> Sean
I dual boot Ubuntu and Vista. You can repartition your hard drive live 
in Vista if you go to Computer Management->Disk Management, which is 
what I did, and then installed Ubuntu onto that partition. I had no 
problems and now rarely boot back into Windows.


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