[ubuntu-uk] 3 Mobile USB modem

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Mar 22 11:58:02 GMT 2008

Quoting Dave Walker <davewalker at ubuntu.com>:

> Rob Beard wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> My dad has just taken out a new mobile contract on Three and as part
>> of the deal they gave him a 3 Mobile Broadband USB modem (Huawei E220).
> <SNIP>
>> Has anyone managed to get it working?
> Hi Rob,
> These settings took quite a long time to work out, i've actually edited
> the entry name to make it ubuntu-uk mailing list friendly - as I found
> it somewhat frustrating.
> I'm actually using a three mobile phone rather than a dedicated dongle,
> but i would expect the settings to be the same.

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately this didn't work either although I will keep these  
settings to hand as I'm going to try my 3 mobile via USB cable.

What I did find was this...


It's a Vodafone dialer package which works (or at least the 1.99.17  
deb file worked).  Doesn't appear to support AMD64 on the experimental  
drivers and there isn't an AMD64 .DEB package (plus I couldn't get the  
source working on Hardy Beta AMD64).

Anyway, it's working on my Ubuntu 7.10 laptop (32-bit) with the .deb  
package and that's the main thing (as it's what my dad's running on  
his laptop).

It seems that I also had to specify CHAP authentication and manually  
enter the DNS addresses (which I poached from Windows).  I'll write a  
small howto later on when my dad brings his laptop back over.


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