[ubuntu-uk] New computer nightmare!

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Fri Mar 14 14:19:50 GMT 2008

norman wrote:
>> so I have been thinking of getting a new one. If I built my own and 
>> something didn't work, I'd be lost. So I will have to buy. But which 
> to buy from a supplier who would build a machine to my specification,

Correct answer, IMHO.

There are lots of small local PC build & repair shops who will build 
machines for you, after finding out your requirements. They'll all offer 
warranties on the hardware and many of them will also be happy to 
preinstall Ubuntu. They will also be happy to give you the name and 
phone number of a couple of satisfied customers.

Just look up "computer systems" in Yellow Pages ( www.yell.com ).

The alternative is to get a reputable brand that's got Ubuntu 
preinstalled. Ged's post had a basic but good eSys one from Aria for 
£135+delivery. I'd also recommend Dell, as their hardware is mostly 
bulletproof and they honor their warranties without a quibble.

My only tip would be to avoid onboard Intel graphics if you intend to 
use the Hibernate/Suspend/Sleep feature; it doesn't work reliably in 
Ubuntu on the i965/X3000/X3100 graphics chipsets, and Ubuntu have 
confirmed this will not be fixed in Hardy. Go for low-end ATI or nVidia 

Andrew Oakley

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