[ubuntu-uk] New computer nightmare!

Keith Powell keith at keithg4jvx.force9.co.uk
Fri Mar 14 12:43:46 GMT 2008

This is rather O/T, but I hope no one minds!

My computer is getting rather 'long in the tooth' (just like its owner), 
so I have been thinking of getting a new one. If I built my own and 
something didn't work, I'd be lost. So I will have to buy. But which 

Magazine reviews?

Magazine 'X' tests computers 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D'. They conclude that 
'C' is the Best Buy. But, there is no way a purchaser can even see one 
before buying, let alone try one out. The manufacturer is either mail 
order only or situated 200 miles away. Then the follow-up letters appear 
in the magazine's forum, saying that "I bought one and it's a load of 
rubbish. It went faulty after a few days and the manufacturer's after 
sales service is non-existent".

So, I read magazine 'Y'. They test computers 'B', 'D', 'E' and 'F'. Best 
Buy is 'F'. But how does that compare with the Best Buy of the other 
magazine? They are of similar specs. Again, no chance of seeing one.

Any way, they will almost certainly have Vista installed (or 
occasionally XP). Removing it and replacing it with Linux will 
immediately invalidate the warranty. I don't know if dual booting would. 
I don't want to have Vista on the hard drive, just so that the warranty 
is valid.

There are a few machines with Ubuntu installed, but how do they compare 
with the others? They never seem to be tested by the magazines. What 
happens to their warranty in a month or so when a new Ubuntu comes out? 
Would I be stuck with the older Ubuntu version and daren't replace it?

So, I look at our local Curry's or Comet. Only a very few machines on 
display, all running Vista. "We don't supply computers without Vista 
installed. Everyone uses Vista now!!" There were two reasonable computer 
shops near here, who built machines to your specification, but they have 
both closed.

Then, there's the chap who advertises in the local paper. Is it just a 
sideline for him? Is he any good and reliable? Or will he make a botch 
of it and his guarantee will be worthless?

Isn't buying a new computer a minefield?

End of rant!! Sorry it's been rather O/T, but it does concern Ubuntu.



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