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Alistair Crust alistair at skegnessgrammar.org
Wed Mar 12 11:10:11 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 19:03 +0000, alan c wrote:
> Alan Pope wrote:
> [...]
> I really like the idea of a Ubuntu-UK podcast, I cannot listen to it 
> yet and am looking forward to it.
> The main issue here seems to be one of people identifying with 
> Ubuntu-UK yet feeling alienated from a UK branded, creative, event. In 
> saying this I emphasise that this does not mean I believe that they 
> either were, or were not, alienated.
> > In my opinion we had a common consensus "Ubuntu-UK should make a podcast". 
> I have no problem with this, I did not follow its discussion anyway. I 
> am also ok if a bunch of people who want to, and who can, actually get 
> to do it and do not wait for greater authority, other comments, whatever.
> However, there might have been advantage in a pre publication 'press 
> release' say, when more than half way through the process. If 
> resources were available, a few Q&A and comments. This would have 
> enabled some others to identify with the activity rather than later 
> being taken unawares. Pre-pub press release or similar with the 
> intention to inform is useful in a dispersed group to assist in 
> cohesion. Such a press release does not invite creative feeback or 
> review, just informs of actions and impending events. This can 
> strengthen the self confidence of the wider team.
> Surprises are almost always of negative effect and if they can avoided 
> all the better. If the surprise is intentional, (hopefully not), then 
> the motives need review I suggest.
> I look forward to more podcasts. FWIW the only podcast I (previously) 
> listened to is the linux action show.
> -- 
> alan cocks
> Kubuntu user#10391

Motives and politics aside the whole "surprise" thing and the posts by
Chris Rowson (and subsequent discussion) have (and slightly counter
intuitively some may say) actually been constructive and helped. My
reasoning is this:

What are we all talking about now.... Ubuntu-UK podcast!, that's what.
That in itself has raised awareness of its existence and can only be a
good thing in my opinion.

Secondly Chris's posts, the discussion that has evolved and the issue of
inclusion and open discussion of the project. This has, as I see it, had
an affect that people who may not have expressed opinion are feeling
compelled to write posts (I include myself in this being a rather quiet
member of late), give praise, comments, suggestions etc etc... aka "Get
Involved". This too can only be a good thing in my opinion and would not
have happened without "the surprise" triggering his posts.

At this point though I would like to make an analogy. if you follow what
is meant then great, if you don't then congratulations you've just seen
an insight into my very odd mind.

Alcohol.. drink just a little can be a good thing, carry on drinking and
people do stupid things and/or pass-out (amongst other things). As I see
it it's the same with complaining about things past! So I call to put
complaining aside and concentrate on the walk back home to the nice warm

I believe no harm is done, the project has been realised AND people have
been told about it an asked for comments, sugestions... to help.

I would like to point out though in Chris's defence had that not
happened (the project remaining closed for assistance) then I think he
would have had a fully valid point. That however "didn't" happen so is a
mute point in this instance.

So now the project is running and "open" lets move to helping out "now"
rather than spending our efforts debating the finer points of "then". I
plan on doing my bit by promoting the podcast within our school and
possibly getting the kids to do reviews and suggestions.

Kind regards
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