[ubuntu-uk] [Marketing] How to increase OSS Exposure

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Tue Mar 11 20:45:43 GMT 2008

Andy wrote:
> One of the main problems is the public sector are locked against us.
> Many of the government agencies require the public to use .doc files
> if you want to fill out stuff online[2], and there is the lack of
> anything non Microsoft in education :(
> We need to somehow combat the public sectors insistence that we use Windows.
> We are not even on a level playing field here. FSFE don't appear to
> have do much. I asked them about the BBCs windows only software and
> they said it wasn't a priority. The UK is under-represented.

ORG - the Open Rights Group - are probably the most active digital 
rights group in the uk:
Well worth checking out.


John Levin

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