[ubuntu-uk] Phenon 9600 unstable on Ubuntu 7.10

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sun Mar 9 21:21:55 GMT 2008

Rob Beard wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I wondered if anyone has seen any reports of stability problems on the
> AMD Phenon 9600 CPU with Ubuntu 7.10?
> I've upgraded my PC this weekend to a Phenom 9600 running on an MSI
> motherboard with AMD chipset (it's an AM2+ motherboard with the standard
> AMD790FX chipset on it).  I've had nothing but issues with it.
> I've reinstalled Ubuntu 7.10 a couple of times, tried 3 different video
> cards (ATI Radeon X300, NVidia GeForce 7200GS and a ATI All-In-Wonder
> X800GT) and nothing is completely stable.  I keep getting random freezes
> (which I can't seem to replicate).
> I've checked the CPU temp and that is about 35 degrees and it has 4GB
> memory in there from my previous system which was working fine.
> So I'm a bit stumped.  I've done a Google search and found something
> relating to the network card but it's a different card to what I have on
> the board.
> Just wondered if anyone had heard anything before I look at trying
> another distro (maybe Gentoo or SUSE).
> Rob

Okay, after installing Hardy Alpha 6 (and numerous hangs) it seems to be 
running okay.  It looks like it might have been an incompatibility with 
the video cards I tried (Radeon X300, All-In-Wonder X800GT).  It's now 
working fine with the Geforce 7200GS.

I'd have to say I'm very impressed too.  The Gnome interface seems more 
polished than in 7.10, it has orange lines down the left hand side of 
menus and I don't know if it's me but the fonts seem much higher quality.

I also really like the disk check on boot.  Rather than not displaying 
anything or dropping back to a terminal it says it's checking and gives 
a progress meter (so I know how much it's done) and it can also be skipped.

So far I haven't had any crashes, it appears to be fairly stable.

Very very impressed. :-)


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