[ubuntu-uk] setting up dual screen with a dual head graphics card

Farran fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 6 20:27:58 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-05 at 20:34 +0000, Adam Bagnall wrote:

> Farran wrote:
> > Hi all, especially Rob cos I saw he mentioned this...
> >
> > how do I get my nVidia GT8600 to do dual screen? There's a DVI port 
> > and a VGA port, but only one of them will give an image at a time when 
> > two monitors are plugged in - the DVI. Why is this? The screen setup 
> > doesn't detect the second screen.
> > As far as I know, i have not installed twinview or anything else 
> > manually: don't know if it comes pre-installed...
> >
> > Thanks in advance if anyone can help :D
> >
> > ===============================
> > Farran Lee
> > I'm only 15 :-P
> >
> I recently set up dual head on Ubuntu for a friend using an nvidia card, 
> I can't remember the exact details but I'll see if I can help.
> 1. run "gksudo nvidia-settings" either from a terminal or by pressing 
> alt+F2.
> 2. Go to the "x server display configuration" section and click the 
> "detect displays" button
> Here's where I can't remember exactly because I don't have dual displays 
> but:
> 3. Set display mode to twinview
> 4. Tick the "enable xinerama" checkbox
> 5. Click the "save to x configuration file" button and merge changes 
> when prompted.
> 6. Restart your Xserver and hope. (If you've got nothing important open 
> then just hit ctrl+alt+backspace)
> 7. ???
> 8. Profit!
> Regards,
>     Adam.

ok, thanks, that looks good. have found the control panel and the detect
displays, but i never did it with both screens in. the next step for the
programmery people is to integrate that into the screens and graphics
window. I had to hunt for the nvidia panel, and that was only because i
knew there should've been one...
I'll try it soon :D
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