[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Minimal, Lighttpd, Perl CGI, PHP and & MySQL with Tiny Memory

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Thu Mar 6 17:14:04 GMT 2008

I've written a guide to installing Ubuntu Server, Lighttpd (an 
alternative to the Apache web server), Perl CGI, PHP and & MySQL on a 
machine (or virtual machine) with 64MB of memory or less.


Comments very much appreciated, in particular the MySQL config.

Although Ubuntu does provide a LAMP default install in Ubuntu Server 
edition, this requires 256MB memory. In particular, Apache and 
especially the default MySQL install are real memory hogs, and are 
designed for reasonably heavy-use environments. I saw around 200MB RAM 
in use with no users connected!

My config, in contrast, is designed for test/development environments or 
very low-use websites, typically serving no more than 6 concurrent users 
and only simple SQL requests. My tests under Ubuntu 6 LTS Server showed 
less than 34MB of memory in use.

In particular, my config is suitable for very cheap VPS hosting accounts 
such as vpsville.ca , tektonic.net , cheapvps.co.uk and so forth - 
basically your own root-access Internet server for less than five quid a 

Andrew Oakley

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