[ubuntu-uk] [SPAM] If you had a wiki, which wiki would you wiki with?

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Thu Mar 6 13:03:15 GMT 2008

Dave Murphy wrote:
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> Content preview:  Erm, the title says it all really. I need a wiki, but I'm
>   not sure what the 'best' one is. * I'm tending towards Moin because that's
>    what we sue internally * I'm (obviously) used to Trac but in this case don't
>    need the ticket or svn integration * I'm avoiding MediaWiki due to tales
>   of security and frequent patches * I've noticed a few projects choosing DokuWiki
>    recently [...] 

Hello, Dave.

Have you looked at Drupal?


I use Drupal 5 as a CMS/portal and as a wiki:


You can use MediaWiki markup on it if you want (or Drupal WYSIWYG).

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