[ubuntu-uk] [SPAM] If you had a wiki, which wiki would you wiki with?

Matthew Daubney daubers at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 12:04:50 GMT 2008

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Rob Beard wrote:
> Quoting Dave Murphy <dave at schwuk.com>:
>> Erm, the title says it all really.
>> I need a wiki, but I'm not sure what the 'best' one is.
>> * I'm tending towards Moin because that's what we sue internally
>> * I'm (obviously) used to Trac but in this case don't need the ticket
>> or svn integration
>> * I'm avoiding MediaWiki due to tales of security and frequent patches
>> * I've noticed a few projects choosing DokuWiki recently
>> Unless anyone has compelling arguments for any others, I'll probably go
>> with Moin or Doku (and it will probably be Moin).
> I use PMWiki, it's dead easy to install and stores everything in text  
> files which suited me perfectly for a basic internal Wiki for my  
> colleagues and I to keep technical stuff on (as a replacement for an  
> old Lotus Notes database).
> IIRC I tried MediaWiki and it was a pain to install and configure for  
> my basic needs so that's why I went over to PMWiki.
> But if you're comfortable with Moin then maybe that's a good idea (I  
> always like to stick with things I know if I haven't got time or  
> patience to investigate alternatives).
> Rob

I use phpwiki for some of my things, mainly because it's simple like me!
(that and it's all I need really)

- -Matt Daubney

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