[ubuntu-uk] where is everyone?

Alistair Crust alistair at skegnessgrammar.org
Thu Mar 6 10:07:06 GMT 2008

On Thu, 2008-03-06 at 05:09 +0000, Russell Green wrote:
> I have been busy with exams and getting coursework ready to send away
> for my grades.
> So I got an excuse.:p
> Russell

And I've been busy keeping printers working and changing users
passwords[1] and the like.

Oh and trying to figure out why Senior Managment (or some other person
above you that doesn't have a clue about technology) (no matter where
you work) always seems to find the need to waste money on new systems
they have no idea about.... without asking/consulting their IT
Department for guidance.

Rant over.. I'll grab my coat :-)

Kind regards
Alistair Crust <alistair at skegnessgrammar.org>
Systems Administrator
Skegness Grammar School
Vernon Road
Tel: 01754610000

[1] because they've forgotten them, not because I'm an BOFH

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