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Thu Jun 12 23:09:36 BST 2008

The SolarNetOne ICT terminal network was conceived and designed to solve th=
e challenging problem of how to provide Internet access and services to rur=
al and developing areas where there is no existing power or communications =
infrastructure. This problem is solved by combining several powerful techno=
logies: Photovoltaic solar electrical systems, GNU/Linux, 802.11a/b/g packe=
t radio, commonly known as "wifi," Power over Ethernet, and the MIT X11 win=
dowing system. It has been described as an "ISP in a box," for reasons deta=
iled below.<br>

The SolarNetOne system incorporates a powerful server in a small form facto=
r that acts as the core of the communications system. It provides mid to lo=
ng range wireless internet coverage up to a 2 mile radius through its integ=
rated high power 802.11a/b/g wireless access point and high gain omni-direc=
tional antenna. This configuration can be used to provide full internet acc=
ess, including Voice over IP telephone service, to the immediate coverage a=
rea, which can be extended to longer ranges through the use of wireless rep=
eater devices. Also integrated into the server is the capability for full e=
nd-to-end internet communications by means of its HTTP (web), SMTP (email),=
 DNS (domain name system), and SSH (secure shell) server software.<br>

Additional internet services can easily be added to the network by use of t=
he APT (advanced package tool) repositories of GNU/Linux software available=
 worldwide. This is an integral part of the underlying Ubuntu operating sys=
tem. APT automates the often difficult task of installing and updating soft=
ware, making system administration tasks of installation and maintenance ea=
sy, particularly when critical updates effecting network security are conce=
rned. The server itself can also be used as a network console for administr=
ation or day-to-day operator use through its integrated monitor, keyboard, =
and mouse.<br>

Another key feature of the SolarNetOne system is its network attached termi=
nals, which provide traditional desktop services one would normally associa=
te with using a computer, with several powerful, attractive, and popular de=
sktop environments to choose from. It comes pre-installed with web browsing=
, email, office, multimedia, software development and web development appli=
cations, as well as a choice of over 15000 other applications to suit most =
any computing need that are free for download through the APT system. The t=
erminals themselves connect to the system's Ethernet hub, which provides bo=
th network connection and electrical power to the terminals and their LCD m=
onitors over a single CAT6 Ethernet wire. This eliminates wire clutter and =
the need for extra power wiring costs. They operate as "thin clients" with =
the majority of the workload being handled by the server's higher capacity =
processors, enabling superior performance per over than a standalone PC arc=
hitecture and significantly lower maintenance workload than a similar solut=
ion of several personal computers.<br>

Also available is full sound support through integrated audio jacks, 104 ke=
y keyboard, laser scroll mouse and the ability to plug USB memory sticks in=
to the terminals, allowing users to take their data with them round out the=
 terminal's ability to provide a complete and rich user experience. SolarNe=
tOne comes standard with 5 terminals, and can expand to as many as 48 termi=
nals per server node. As an option in areas where allowed by law, an ATA ph=
one adapter provides Voice over IP telephone service through a standard tel=
ephone handset.<br>

The entire SolarNetOne system is powered by 12VDC electrical current suppli=
ed through the system's elegant solar power generation and storage subsyste=
m. Using an array of photovoltaic solar panels, an advanced charge controll=
er, ample battery storage, and a design focusing on safety, the power subsy=
stem provides for all of the electrical needs associated with 24/7 server o=
peration and 8 hours per day of terminal access. Integrated circuit breaker=
s on every segment of the power sub-system provide the safest possible impl=
ementation. In addition to its excellent performance, the use of solar powe=
r means no fuel costs, no polluting emissions, and a long lifespan of up to=
 20 years of use at listed power ratings with proper maintenance.<br>

The SolarNetOne system comes pre-installed with a wide variety of user appl=
ications. For the user, these include:<br>
 &nbsp;Mozilla Firefox suite for web browsing and email<br>
 &nbsp;Evolution for email and calendering<br>
 &nbsp;OpenOffice? for office applications<br>
 &nbsp;GIMP and InkScape? for bitmap and vector graphics, respectively<br>
 &nbsp;Xmms, Xine, and Mplayer for multimedia playback<br>
 &nbsp;X-chat and Gaim for chat/instant messaging<br>
 &nbsp;Xaos fractal explorer<br>
 &nbsp;Bluefish html editor<br>
 &nbsp;and, a wide variety of games, and a choice of Enlightenment 17, Gnom=
e, and Fluxbox desktops environments.<br>
Security and feature updates to these packages are available, as well as ac=
cess to over 15000 other pre-compiled software packages in the Ubuntu repos=
itories available via the integrated APT packaging system. Ubuntu comes GUI=
 tools like the Synaptic Package Manager to add or remove applications, as =
well as the underlying apt-get, apt-cache, and apt-file command line tools,=
 which Synaptic makes use of. The system also includes python, perl, and sh=
ell interpreters, as well as gcc and its family of compilers, libraries, de=
buggers and linkers for C and C++ development.<br>

The SolarNetOne integrated communications system provides modern, efficient=
, powerful and easily maintainable internet services and access infrastruct=
ure specifically designed to overcome the challenges inherent in off-grid a=
nd remote location scenarios. By combining several cutting edge technologie=
s, the SolarNetOne system stands head and shoulders above other methods of =
addressing the aforementioned problems of providing internet services and c=
onnectivity in some of the most challenging circumstances. Designed for saf=
ety, longevity, elegance, and ecological friendliness, the SolarNetOne syst=
em can effectively solve the problems facing anyone seeking to deploy inter=
net communications to developing areas for many years to come.<br>

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