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Thu Jun 12 23:09:36 BST 2008

surprisingly conservative about software as a group (possibly due to
peer pressure) and just want to use what all their friends use.  To have
a chance of getting them to switch from MS Live Messenger, you will need
to have a clone of Messenger with the following:

	1. Talks to MS Messenger clients running on Windows (ie,
supports MS IM protocol)
	2. Has Messenger's look and feel
	3. Has full emoticon support
	4. Has full wink support
	5. Has full webcam support

While Pidgin is a good IM client, it fails #2 above.  aMSN tries to be
clone of Messenger, but it still has some way to go.  I use Messenger to
talk to my two teenagers.  A while ago I tried aMSN, but quickly went
back to Messenger because it didn't support winks and (in the version I
tried at least) it looked ugly.  So if I decided not to use aMSN, then
there is no chance of getting teenagers to switch.

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